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CURRENT OBSESSION is a new biannual magazine discussing jewelry as a part of today’s visual culture.

#4 Supernatural Issue / 2015 / attempts to connect the mystical notions of shamanism and magic to the creative process itself. While the concept of the artist as shaman was elaborated by artists in the mid-20th century, we were curious to find out how it’s reflected in today’s world. Essentially, it’s about creating one’s own narrative, mythology and belief system, while daring to challenge the conventions of art and design.

#3 Fake Issue / 2014 / Current Obsession finds itself caught up in the issue of Fake. And while this may sound like a painful acquisition, we sense Fake to be much more revealing and promising than the negation of reality and originality it implies. Fake deconstructs a given identity and makes deep marks into the superficiality of value, production and glamour. Fake is like the shadow cast by the inflated value balloon we try to uphold, incidentally revealing a remarkable form of ingenuity. It also captures a sense of humour and engagement we as a magazine feel inspired by.

* Extra ! Poster by Lisa Walker + Åbäke
* Interview with Pinar&Viola - Fake=Fearless
* Piece by Piece - Boris de Beijer & Lonneke van der Palen
* Statement piece - Céline Manz
* Travel - Istanbul
* Bling Is Ok! - by Kellie Riggs
* Shanzhai of Shanzhai - by Jing He
* Statement piece - Charlotte Van de Velde
* The Way of the Future - Beatrice Brovia & Nicolas Cheng
* Material - use 2 b usb by Rebecca Stephany
* Exhibition - CRAFT & BLING BLING - FAKE in collaboration with DEPOT BASEL space for contemporary design. Exhibition catalogue is featured at the back of the magazine.
with Philipp Eberle, Adam Grinovich, Sophie Hanagarth, Jing He, Kevin Hughes, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Florian Milker, Edgar Mosa, Barbara Schrobenhauser, Julia Walter, Florian Weichsberger, Mallory Weston + more


#2 Youth Issue / AW - 2013 / discusses intensely charged subject of youth that has a personal meaning to all of us. Youth is an elusive, intangible moment between the babbling childhood and the self-reflexive rest: a dream, a failure, an expectation, a change and a future.
CURRENT OBSESSION pursues the subject by means of collective discussions, series of interviews and editorial collaborations.

Bart Hess, Atelier Ted Noten, Ruudt Peters, Otto Künzli, Adam Grinovich, Damian Skinner, Märta Mattsson, Edgar Mosa, Melanie Bilenker, Arthur Hash, Shari Pierce, Raffaela Graspointner, Ester Grass Vergara, Emile Barret, 10 young upcoming designers selected by curator Matylda Krzykowski
and more.